Sound Editing on an iPhone

VeriCorder Technology has announced the introduction of VC Audio Pro, a multitrack sound editor for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Audio Pro allows reporters or podcasters to record, edit and send professional quality audio news clips or full stories from an iPhone with the touch of a finger. Designed for broadcast and podcast applications, the software enables users to record and edit high-fidelity audio into a news story, and send it instantly over WiFi or a cellular connection.
VeriCorder founder and CEO Gary Symons was one of the first mobile journalists, or ‘MoJos’, in Canada, when he worked with CBC News. Symons says VC Audio Pro was designed to fill a growing need in the broadcast industry.
“We’ve heard the demand from journalists all over the world for a powerful but simple sound editor, that allows them to record, edit and send from anywhere, to anywhere,” Symons says. “Finally, there really is an app for the mobile journalist.”
Audio Pro’s user Interface takes minutes to learn and is compatible with most major newsroom systems for instant integration and playout.
It can also be customised for radio networks, universities and podcast hosting sites, and fully integrated into newsroom, media asset management, and playout systems. Audio Pro can also be deployed as a custom app on the App Store, or fully customized for a media network’s workflow, and deployed by the network’s IT department.