Harris, Avid Interchange Native XDCAM Files

Harris has announced that its NEXIO AMP and NEXIO XS servers now support Avid file interchange of native Sony XDCAM HD422 HD material via Avid Interplay Transfer software. 
Tighter integration allows Avid customers editing their content in native XDCAM HD422 within Avid HD news production and editing systems to seamlessly transfer that content to and from Harris NEXIO servers. The media remains native throughout the ingest, editing and playout process — eliminating the multi-generational loss common to format transcoding.
The advancement benefits Avid customers that choose Harris NEXIO servers for use with many Avid products, such as Avid NewsCutter and Media Composer editing systems, and Avid Interplay systems. 
While Avid customers typically use Avid storage systems, such as Avid Unity ISIS for caching their work during editing and production, they often choose the Harris NEXIO server to import newly acquired footage into Avid systems or export their finished Avid files to NEXIO for playout to air.
Harris is offering a free software upgrade that enables existing NEXIO AMP advanced media workflow platforms and previous-generation NEXIO XS model servers to support native XDCAM HD422 file transfers via Avid Interplay Transfer. The new Harris NEXIO Volt server, which offers an economical, slimmed-down version of the AMP feature set, also supports the new native Avid XDCAM HD422 workflow with the addition of inexpensive, external hardware. 
Visit www.avid.com and www.harris.com