Collaborative Editing with DejaEdit

DejaSoft has announced what it says is a “must have” file sharing and synchronisation tool for editors – DejaEdit.

DejaEdit is a collaborative editing film tool which offers editors working on Avid Nexis, Media Composer and EditShare workflows, across studios, production companies and post facilities, an application that ensures media files, bins and timelines are kept up to date across multiple remote edit stations.

DejaEdit has been tried and tested on real-world projects, and is well-established in Scandinavia and parts of Europe. DejaEdit increases productivity by allowing editors to transfer media files and timelines automatically and securely to co-workers around the world, without having to be online continuously. It can also empower multiple remote editors to work together, and assist exchanges of media with VFX houses, as well as enabling editors to easily migrate between office and home or mobile-based editing installations throughout the life-cycle of an entire project.

DejaEdit makes it possible to work with multiple remote Avid systems virtually anywhere on the planet. With global warming issues arising, and people being encouraged to minimise unnecessary travel for various factors, industry professionals can take full advantage of DejaEdit’s powerful file synchronising capabilities without restrictions.

New features in DejaEdit Version 3.0 include “Private” and “Global” bin sharing, new security locks, and many other helpful features that facilitate media file transfer across large media projects such as TV series and feature films. DejaEdit is affordable with an appealing licensing model, tailored to suit every type of project from shoot to finish.