Gio Punzo Unveils Solutions for Monetising Creative Content

Gio Punzo, the CEO of Streann, recently unveiled three new monetising and gamifying solutions at NAB 2019. He also promoted Streann’s creative outlook by providing content creators with solutions for distribution, engagement, and monetisation.

As panelist, Gio Punzo talked about how media and content providers can conquer advanced advertising. Perhaps as an industry’s game-changer, he highlighted Inside-AD, a patent-pending tool that can multiply digital ads revenue ten times and has 100 percent real impressions. Most importantly, he introduced three brand new monetising and gamifying solutions, all within Streann’s all-in-one interactive platform.

  • Inside-Games is a product that capitalises on the trending HQ Trivia app and lets content creators create a similar engine to hook their audience.

  • Inside-Polls lets content providers construct real-time polls for their audience, which drives engagement within one’s ecosystem without losing traffic by taking an outsider on board.
  • Inside-AR approximates the Pokémon effect. It creates an interactive network with user’s gadget and the provider. End users can interact with the content in real life, for example through promotion codes.

Every year, the NAB Show becomes the epicentre of the media world. Tens of thousands of media executives gather to look for innovative solutions to manage, deliver, and monetise content on any platform. Experts in fields ranging from artificial intelligence to radio broadcasting engage in meaningful discussions, exchange experiences, network and get hands-on with the latest technologies. This year, all seminars at the conference were live-streamed using Streann technology.

Attending the NAB Show was seen as a major opportunity for the company to meet new customers and prospects. At the same time, Streann showcased its technology to build new strategic partnerships. Due to its expertise and global experience, Streann has earned several awards and is likely to shape the future of the industry, as well.

“In order to be successful, content providers need to understand the new market environment. Our solution serves as a guide through the disruptive era of digital transformation,” said Gio Punzo, the CEO at Streann. “Content providers seek simplicity: Rather than using tens of different video solutions and advertising, they will reorient to platforms like ours to manage their digital strategy.”