Vizrt and Veritone Collaborate for Streamlined MAM

On show at this year’s NAB, Vizrt is collaborating with Veritone, Inc., creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence (AI). This collaboration will help broadcasters streamline the process of ingesting, analysing, managing and distributing content and related metadata to improve productivity and develop new types of revenue generating services.

The new solution blends the advanced Vizrt Viz One Media Asset Management (MAM) platform with specialised artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms included within Veritone’s aiWARE platform to enhance the creation, management, analysis, distribution and monetisation of existing content across a vast archive of files.

“By leveraging Veritone’s operating system for AI with the Viz One MAM platform, we can now raise their handling of archived content to another level in terms of the user experience,” said Mr Luis Santos VP of Engineering and Operations at Fox Sports Brasil.

Daniel Nergard, President, Vizrt Americas, said, “The goal is to help our customers find the exact media they need easily while bringing new capabilities that allow broadcasters, content creators and distributors to re-purpose and monetise their archives easily and in ways not possible before.”

Veritone aiWARE is a proprietary AI operating system that tightly integrates with MAM platforms to empower media organisations to do more – boosting efficiency and enabling new streams of revenue. Powered by an advanced and extensible AI ecosystem on a common infrastructure, cognitive capabilities such as language detection, translation and transcription, object detection, and face detection and identification,  are easily accessible and enable powerful multivariant analysis at scale.

“To stay competitive in their respective markets, broadcasters have to improve their handling of archived content,” said Ryan Steelberg, President of Veritone. “This new super-charged MAM solution improves every part of the content lifecycle, from creation to monetisation. Veritone’s aiWARE platform, working in tandem with Vizrt’s Viz One MAM, can make every part of the process more efficient, accurate and financially rewarding.”

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