Ncam Reveals Latest Camera Tracking Solution – Ncam Reality

Ncam envisages an increased requirements placed on television event and sports productions for higher quality and more realism in real-time with both augmented conceptual and sports graphics.

There is an ever-pressing need for accurate live tracking and camera telemetry combined with high-quality render engines to create the seamless illusion of background (virtual set or extended set) and foreground elements (graphics or CGI).

Ncam exhibited the latest version of its marker-less camera tracking solution, Ncam Reality, at NAB 2019. The technology offers smart and efficient solutions to many of the common challenges faced by AR users, as well as providing a raft of new features that will greatly enhance AR projects, whether for VFX pre-visualisation, real-time VFX, virtual production, or live, real-time broadcast graphics.

Ncam demonstrated these new capabilities, and what is now possible with photo-realistic augmented reality graphics during NAB 2019.