TSL Products Participate in Diversified’s ‘IP Roadshow’

TSL Products took part in the ‘IP Roadshow’ exhibit at NAB, hosted by Diversified. The ongoing initiative wasbrought to NAB this year, where a full solution inclusive of a two-rack kit with cameras, monitors, control panels, and more, were showcased and used for demonstrations. The roadshow aims to educate technical professionals interested in gaining insight on the challenges and solutions surrounding IP integration and workflows.

“We are excited to be chosen as part of Diversified’s ‘IP Roadshow,’” says Stephen Brownsill, Audio Project Manager at TSL Products. “It is essential for industry professionals to continue learning about solutions for IP, and we are happy to be a resource among other stand out companies also included in the exhibit.”

In addition to the IP Roadshow, TSL featured its latest PAM-IP audio monitoring units. Following the ratification of ST-2110, TSL can now offer two audio monitors for use in IP infrastructures. Both the PAM1-IP and PAM2-IP audio monitors can be deployed to monitor audio and video content carried as ST-2022-6 and/or ST-2110 flows. With support for 2110-10, -20, -30 and -40, the PAM1-IP and PAM2-IP are quickly becoming the ‘eyes and ears’ for those requiring the best in audio monitoring technology, with over 200 units sold worldwide.

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