Evertz Showcases Advanced RF Probe Solution – Leads IP Transition

Evertz Microsystems announces the launch of its RF Probe platform at NAB 2019. The RF Probe is an advanced high performance, real-time RF and Transport Stream (TS) monitoring solution giving RF operators new advanced capabilities for monitoring their RF facilities.

Evertz’ RF Probe gives RF operators the ability to monitor multiple RF sites from a single centralised location giving them a cost effective solution that ensures maximum uptime for their RF infrastructures. With its ability to monitor multiple RF sites across the globe, the RF Probe is ideal for both small and large teleports, direct-toHome (DTH) service providers, content providers and broadcasters.

The RF Probe features a compact 1RU form factor with the ability to monitor a comprehensive list of RF parameters, with additional features including an integrated spectrum analyser, full TR101 transport stream analyser and RF channel cycling. The RF Probe also utilises RF-inSITE, a powerful data analytics engine for monitoring critical RF parameters over time. This power troubleshooting tool gives operators the ability to compare the current performance of their RF systems to past performance giving them the ability to quickly identify potential performance issues.

In addition, the RF Probe features an intuitive web-based user interface. This enables operators to easily monitor signals remotely and configure operational thresholds that, along with notifications based on critical RF and TS parameters, provide operators with a low-cost flexible solution for monitoring remote RF sites.

“Many of our customers have RF infrastructures that span large geographic regions and they require a simple, reliable monitoring solution,” said Zakaria Alhaddad, Product Manager, RF Products at Evertz. “The RF Probe features a 1RU form factor but doesn’t sacrifice performance for size. The RF Probe, with its comprehensive ability to monitor all critical RF and TS parameters, combined with its simple user interface, is the industry’s leading RF monitoring solution.”

Evertz Leads IP Transition with Advanced Interoperability Solutions

Evertz Microsystems announced its collaboration with Tektronix to bring new advanced IP tools and workflows to NAB.

Tektronix is a supplier of test and measurement solutions that are enabling industry transitions to IP based infrastructures. At NAB 2019, Evertz’ Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solutions, with over 400 global installs, showcased new advanced IP workflows and support for new industry IP standards and specifications with interoperability demonstrations featuring Tektronix’ PRISM media monitoring and analysis platform.

Designed for IP infrastructure environments, PRISM comes packed with a comprehensive set of measurement and display tools that provide visibility into network performance. This enables potential problems to be quickly identified, reducing the time to fault isolation and remedial action.

Both Evertz and Tektronix are pioneers of IP infrastructure technology and have worked together on IP technology solutions for over five years. This commitment to IP includes actively participating in industry organisations that promote IP technology including SMPTE, VSF, AIMS and more.

Evertz and Tektronix are leading the industry transition to IP infrastructures with support for new tools that enable the effective deployment and management of IP facilities. These new tools include AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association) IS-04 and IS-05. These revolutionary new specifications, define the automatic discovery and registration of new devices on a network (IS-04) as well as connection management (IS-05) of network devices. As new IP media networks continue to be deployed and grow in size, the number of video, audio and data flows within new facilities is growing exponentially. In order to effectively manage these new flows, powerful new tools, including AMWA IS-04 and IS-05 have become critical requirements.

In addition to these new tools, another requirement for all IP facilities is advanced orchestration and control of all network resources. Evertz’ MAGNUM orchestration and control system provides a single unified point of control for all devices on an IP network. MAGNUM’s advanced feature set, enables a single fully integrated orchestration solution, which is both scalable from small to large infrastructures, and also supports IP, baseband and hybrid architectures, simplifying the transition to IP.

RaceTech Leverages Evertz’ DreamCatcher Solutions

Evertz Microsystems announced that RaceTech, production provider for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), is using Evertz’ DreamCatcher platform for race course production and stewards review.

RaceTech provides a unique range of technical and broadcast services to the horse racing industry, as well as the wider public and private sectors, including cameras and full broadcast services, along with building and maintaining the complete digital library of every horse race in the UK. After evaluating a system that didn’t meet expectations, RaceTech collaborated with Evertz to create a tailored system based on their needs. DreamCatcher is an advanced platform that supports all of the critical aspects of live production. The unique architecture of the DreamCatcher platform leverages high capacity IP networking that dynamically adjusts to meet the demands of any production.

RaceTech required an integrated solution that included stewards’ review functionality and live production capability on the same platform. After a strenuous evaluation, RaceTech selected DreamCatcher as their solution to support both live production and steward review off the same infrastructure. Evertz worked closely with RaceTech to design an interface that enables race stewards to use DreamCatcher Video Assistant Referee (DC-VAR) to review race infractions in a quick, reliable, and timely manner.

The DC-VAR is a scalable replay review platform that provides officials the ability to make definitive decisions during live events. Replay officials can view all angles in sync while utilising one-touch zoom for immediate analysis of any detail.

RaceTech joined the ranks of MLB, NBA, Notre Dame, IndyCar, and Jupiler Pro League as deployed DC-VAR customers. Up to 10 trucks in RaceTech’s fleet were outfitted with the DreamCatcher infrastructure for stewards’ review and live production solution.

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