Apace Rolls Out AI Services for Media Management

Apace Systems Corporation announced availability of both AI solutions and AI training services on premise and/or in cloud at NAB 2019.

The AI service consists of facial recognition and object recognition tools to greatly improve ingest efficiency and make media management more practical in real world with today’s scale. Further, Apace AI uniquely focuses on video media, ingest automating, and analytic. Apace assures two classes of services:

  1. AI integrated service: Complete integration of these tools at the edge or cloud with Apace workflow and media asset management (postMAM) software solution, or even as a functional application for third party MAM and DAM, including AEM.
  2. AI training service: Offering AI services to further accelerate the AI deployment to help media AI adoption /transition and for better customers experience.

As such, the service models assure streamlined and efficient workflow of AI solution in customer’s environment.

AI based applications are offered as SAAS that can run at Edge, Cloud or Hybrid cloud environment, depending on where media data sits.

“Through our complete AI solution and service model, applied to customer data at edge and/or cloud, we deliver effective and latest AI solution with hands on expertise in customer environment,” said Dr Lee Hu, President/CTO of Apace.

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