Apace Cloud Services for Media Management and Workflow

Apace Systems Corporation announced availability of its SaaS based media cloud services during NAB 2019. Offered services enable media production, management, collaboration and mobile interactive access for media in the cloud and/or on-premise anywhere.

Apace cloud services leverage on advantages of cloud to provide services to media data in cloud and/or at edge with scalability and uniformed services to edge and multi-sites.

Customers have the choice to run all media data in the cloud, or tiered media data at edge/ on-premises for cost, security, access and/or control purposes flexibly with a set of turnkey software services of workflow, management and migration of a hybrid private media cloud environment.

Apace further differentiates its cloud based media production offering by providing global remote video editing for Adobe CC.

In addition to media production and data management, services offer IP based private channels, mobile upload/access, online/offline backup and migration, and media encode in the cloud for horizontal enterprise market.

“Through our streamlined cloud- based services, we strive to offer our customers’ flexibility and efficiency to produce, store, manage and access their media data anywhere”, said Dr. Lee Hu, President/CTO of Apace.

Pairing with newly launched Apace AI service will further automate the ingest process and greatly improve utility and scale to deal with today’s media data.

Visit https://www.apacesystems.com