Zixi Showcases Global Leading IP Broadcast Solutions

Zixi recently featured extensive existing and new functionalities from the cutting edge ZEN Master control plane and core Zixi Platform at this year’s NAB show.

NAB saw Zixi exhibiting existing capabilities such as:

  • Zen Master, Zixi’s control plane to manage configure, orchestrate and monitor large- scale deployments of the Zixi Enabled Network, Zixi Platform, devices and appliances.
  • 99.999 percent broadcast-quality reliability with hit-less failover.
  • Best-in-class security with a multi-layered approach including encryption and password protection, plus security enhanced by DTLS standards-based protection.
  • Zixi’s analytics suite which includes network, transport and content quality providing alerts, so any issues are immediately identified and located for rapid root cause analysis and resolution.
  • Interoperability between multiple public cloud providers, as well as between multiple encode and decode partners.

More than 50 vendors have embedded Zixi into their encoders, decoders, IRDs, production switchers, ENG cameras and broadcast software tools. Zixi facilitates end to end workflows across multiple vendors and environments and will be demonstrating extensive interoperability with such global leaders as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Synamedia, Ateme, Vitec, Kontron, Sencore, Arris, Harmonic, Amagi, Verizon, Telstra and Bitmovin. This Zixi Enabled Network provides the flexibility for world’s media organisations to source, manage and deliver live and live linear video over IP.

In addition to the existing capabilities that have made Zixi the defacto standard demanded by the world’s largest media companies, Zixi is releasing a new version 13 with:

ZEN Master with enhanced broadcast workflow visualisation and root cause analysis capabilities to further increase the speed of deployment, ease of implementation at scale while reducing costs

Advanced business analytics and AI driven quality scoring to provide a comprehensive view into live video delivery workflows, video and audio health, enabling real-time decision making Zixi transcoding simplifies the complex effort of delivering high-demand live OTT events to any device by taking in the live stream and transcoding to a wide range of protocols including MPEG-TS, RTP, UDP, MMT, WebRTC, HLS, DASH and RTMP and in the latest release with AAC-HE (High Efficiency) Audio Encoding, Audio sample rate conversion, 10-bit HDR colour encoding on NVIDIA and many new features.

Multi-cloud integration. In addition to AWS and AWS MediaConnect integration, Zixi will be demonstrating ZEN Master integration in to Microsoft Azure giving customers the flexibility to deploy in their preferred infrastructure or across hybrid infrastructures

“Zixi has been growing at an exponential rate, and we have been actively developing new features and functionality being requested by our rapidly expanding customer base, as well as those we have identified as imperative for future adoption,” said Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO, Zixi.  “We look forward to demonstrating these new capabilities, as well as gaining additional feedback from our clients who depend on Zixi for their mission critical content delivery.”

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