Verimatrix Secures Connected Content Workflow at NAB

Verimatrix is highlighting its spectrum of cloud-based solutions that combine world-class security techniques with 360° analytics capabilities, providing trusted insights from the head-end to the device at the NAB Show 2019.

“The long-term success of connected devices and services in any industry will largely depend on the security measures in place to eliminate evolving threats and provide a transparent user experience. By leveraging our position in the network, we have taken this further by monitoring the data that flows across all devices and network types within video service delivery,” said Steve Oetegenn, COO of Verimatrix. “At NAB, we are demonstrating how this combination enables us to offer highly efficient and secure distribution platforms that provide new business insights for customers looking to maintain a competitive edge.”

The cloud is at the core of the company’s demonstrations leveraging the operational efficiencies and inherent flexibility of cloud-based workflows. Illustrating the product synergies of the newly combined company, Verimatrix will be highlighting an expanded and strengthened MultiRights OTT multi-DRM solution, offered as a cloud service or an on-premise deployment. Combining the Verimatrix multi-DRM solution, featuring harmonised rights management, with Inside Secure’s proven Content Protection Client and Code Protection demonstrates the benefits of the complete, end-to-end, and highly secure solution for the protection of premium pay-TV content on any device.

For content providers, connected content distribution services will also be on display. nTitleMe is a cloud-based SaaS that streamlines content provider-operator relationships with a single integration for subscriber authentication, allowing subscribers to log-in once for a TV Everywhere experience.  RightsConnex is an “encrypt once, deliver everywhere” distribution solution that improves security, visibility and control over the content distribution and management operations within a cloud-based video workflow.

Verimatrix is also be highlighting watermarking-as-a-service offering by its server-side StreamMark and StreamMark Origin solutions for video-on-demand (VOD) content. StreamMark Origin, a cloud service for business-to-business (B2B) anti-piracy protection, will demonstrate the benefits of embedding an origin watermark in B2B content in order to identify the affiliate or operator that receives the stream and any consequent leaks along that delivery chain. This type of upstream watermarking enables new business models for premium content, such as early release windows, with a higher level of confidence to deter/reduce piracy.

The Verspective Analytics solution suite ise on display to illustrate how Verspective RT and Verspective Intelligence – offered as a cloud SaaS – can help reduce churn, increase average revenue per user (ARPU) and reduce total cost of ownership. Verspective aggregates network and device data into a secure, cloud-based data lake, while granting secure and role-based access to each department such as operations, marketing, content, product and advertising sales. Verspective is offered as a standalone SaaS that can be easily integrated with existing systems for operators and content providers, or as a complement to the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS), an end-to-end content and revenue security architecture for all kinds of networks and device types.

Key events:

  • The Changing Face of Pay-TV Piracy – April 10 – 10:40am, N258

CTO Petr Peterka will put into perspective how much pirated media content has changed since the advent of IP video and OTT distribution. The same infrastructure and tools that have revolutionised video distribution and enabled an explosion of content have also been exploited by pirates for illicit redistribution. He will explain the new methods and tools to best address piracy.

  • 4K 4Charity Fun Run – April 9 – 7:30am Sunset Park, Las Vegas

Verimatrix is a proud sponsor of the 4K 4Charity Fun Run. Girls Who Code, this year’s beneficiary, is a national non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.

  • PRODU Technologia Awards  – April 9, 12:00pm, NAB Studio between North and Central Halls

The Verimatrix deployment with Izzi Telecom of the Verimatrix Secure Cloud for the 2018 FIFA World Cup has been shortlisted in the Technology Project category.

  • IABM BaM Awards 2019 – Apr. 9 – 6:00pm, The Westgate

nTitleMe has been shortlisted in the Consume category for IABM BaM Awards as one of 40 companies at the NAB Show.

  • NAB Product of the Year Awards – April 10 – 5:30pm, Ballroom , The Westgate

Verimatrix has been named an official nominee in the first-ever NAB Show Product of the Year Awards for its nTitleMe solution.