EVS Celebrating 25 Years of Emotions at NAB

At this year’s NAB Show EVS will kick-start its 25th anniversary celebrations by showcasing an extensive line-up of products and solutions that shows just how far the company has come since its foundation in 1994.

VIA Platform: A New Foundation that Transforms the User Experience

The VIA platform of modular services and engines acts as the foundation for all EVS’ latest products and innovations and offers a superior user experience.

Unveiling a New Ingest to Post Solution

The ingest-to-post solution leverages EVS’ state-of-the-art software-defined server technology and microservices architectures to reduce the time between the ingest of live multi-camera feeds, to the post-production stages in studio entertainment environments.

XT-VIA and XS-VIA Servers: Scaling Up Multi-Format Productions

Both servers can produce programming in multiple formats and resolutions, with both IP and SDI connectivity. And the XNet-VIA ethernet network allows for faster, more efficient media sharing management.

PMZ: Creating Smarter Infrastructures

EVS’s hypervisor appliance transforms backend infrastructure into virtualised software, so facilities providers can make the best use of valuable space within mobile production or fly pack units.

Dyvi: Delivering Better Stories from New Perspectives

The flexible software-defined Dyvi switcher can be used for any production workflow – from venues to control rooms. Demo areas presenting EVS’ partnership with leading esports event organiser ESL as well as University of Miami will show how these customers use Dyvi to produce the highest-quality programming for their audiences.

Xeebra: When VAR Meets AI

With the power of AI, Xeebra can automatically calibrate the field of play to produce a 3D offside line for faster and more accurate refereeing decisions.

AI Experience Room: Setting the Future for Live Sports

Come and see how EVS is enabling content producers to create live programming faster and more efficiently using its own machine learning neural network.

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