New Rohde and Schwarz Encoder Packages

Rohde and Schwarz is adding lean encoder packages to its successful R+S AVHE100 encoding and multiplexing solution, allowing customers to enhance R+S AVHE100 and third-party platforms with new, higher performance encoders. The versatile, scalable R+S AVHE100 software platform supports high dynamic range (HDR) video transmissions. It is prepared for SMPTE ST 2110. The R+S AVHE100 is being presented in live demonstrations at NAB 2018 IP Showcase (booth C12634), where the platform is fed with an SMPTE ST 2110 signal and delivers an HEVC transport stream over IP.

The R+S AVHE100 encoding and multiplexing solution is a fully software-based, flexible multi-codec platform that supports HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2. All available codecs and resolutions can be mixed, even in combination with the statistical multiplex function. Network operators can continue using legacy formats until any planned transition to newer formats is completed. The intelligent allocation of data rates results in enhanced efficiency, making it possible either to transmit more programs at a time or to transmit programs at a higher picture quality. The R+S AVHE100 offers the highest picture quality currently available for HEVC-encoded content thanks to its integrated HEVC encoder developed by the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI).

The R+S AVHE100 can deliver all processing steps required for a complete broadcast chain on just a single server. It can be easily upgraded to integrate any enhancements and expansions to coding and transmission standards. This significantly lowers capital and operating expenditure (CAPEX and OPEX) for installation, required space, energy, cooling, spare parts management and training. The proprietary Rohde and Schwarz R+S CrossFlowIP feature provides enhanced redundancy, ensuring seamless input and output signal switching in the event of a fault.

In many cases, network operators do not replace complete headends. Instead, they replace encoders with new, more powerful devices one by one, while taking the opportunity to install higher performance codecs with higher resolutions. This allows a more efficient use of available bandwidth in order to broadcast a more attractive range of channels. The German premium vendor Rohde and Schwarz now offers dedicated encoder packages optimised for specific applications. Available models include, for example, 1x UHD, 4x HD HEVC and 8x HD H.264, each in a single, compact box. Another model addresses the ISDB-T market in particular, providing 1x HD, 1x SD and 1x One-Seg in a single device.