Telestream to Unveil Vantage Cloud Port

At NAB 2019, Telestream will unveil Vantage Cloud Port, a new approach to media processing workflows whether in the cloud, on premises or both. Available in April 2019, Vantage Cloud Port will be shown publicly for the first time at NAB where attendees will be able to see first-hand how the powerful Vantage Media Processing Platform can seamlessly create hybrid cloud-based deployments with predictable, SaaS pricing.
Vantage Cloud Port allows seamless Cloud execution of Vantage processing actions using containerised micro-services with engines identical to on-premises services. These modular, orchestrated building blocks can optimise both brownfield and greenfield deployments. Any existing or new Vantage installation can seamlessly transfer specific processes to/from the cloud provider of choice. Existing Vantage users also gain access to cloud-capable actions even if those actions are unlicensed in their on-premises Vantage system. Most significantly, Vantage logic is configured to decide if processing is to be done on-premises or in the cloud based on media location and/or domain utilisation.