EditShare QScan Speeds Automated QC

 EditShare has released version 3.3 of its automated quality control solution, QScan. Powered by the QUALES AQC engine, QScan employs a single-pass analysis process which can be applied at any point during the workflow, making it an ideal automated quality control solution for media professionals across production, post-production and distribution. QScan comes pre-loaded with AQC templates such as IMF testing and AS-11 presets. 

Available as a free software download for existing QScan maintenance customers, version 3.3 offers the following bump in capabilities and features:

  • Significant Speed Boost: The performance improvement can reach speeds up to 30 times faster when analyzing J2K UHD files.
  • Timecodes in the timeline: QScan users will now be able to jump to specific time codes in the timeline view by simply entering the desired TC, improving the usability of the timeline view.
  • Configure Thresholds in Frames or Seconds: This new capability is ideal when expecting events of a certain duration in seconds. Since the frame rate can change between files, the duration in frames would be different depending on the frame rate. With this change, the event will be triggered according to the duration in seconds, independently of the frame rate.
  • System Settings replaces Local Settings: The Time Zone, Character Set for the Report, and System Language (GUI) can now be configured from the System Settings menu option.
  • Expanded Thresholds View: QScan users can now see the number of thresholds and severity without having to expand the Parameter Groups in the Project Edit.
  • Simplified License Activation: Any registered user with authorized access to my.editshare.com will be able to activate an available license directly from QScan, thus avoiding the upload of the activation file, and download of the license file. 

 Visit https://qscan.editshare.com