Give Your Compliance Monitoring an IQ Boost

If your legacy content logging and monitoring equipment is no longer supported, you might be feeling a little stuck. It’s more important than ever to collect and use knowledge about aired content, especially for regulatory compliance. But what’s the most effective and cost-efficient upgrade path?

Here’s the good news: with Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ 6.0, it’s easy to leap to the latest generation in content logging, monitoring, and compliance.

MonitorIQ checks all the boxes:

  • A secure and scalable Linux platform.
  • AI-based cloud microservices for automated closed caption quality checks.
  • Built-in video intelligence for ultra-rich content metadata.
  • On premise, cloud, or hybrid implementation for maximum flexibility.

Launch into the future with MonitorIQ 6.0 and increase the value of your recorded archive tenfold. Contact to schedule a demo.