MOG Presents Machine Learning at NAB with mediaANALYTICS

MOG Technologies recently announced the launch of two new modules for its production analytics platform. mediaANALYTICS and editorsPERFORMANCE will revolutionise the insights a user can obtain from the entire production environment.

The world is going forward into more advanced analytics. By leveraging these bleeding edge techniques, decision-makers can ensure a path towards growth and extract more customer value. The new modules cater to two categories of use cases that normally bother managers on their decision: the lack of transparency regarding the usage of media processing platforms and the capability to take accurate decisions about their editing workstations performance and team productivity.

mediaANALYTICS is totally focused on providing the best KPIs for media professionals’ to analyse and decide how should they improve their processing capabilities for their most valuable asset: the media. It does this by integrating with many media processing platforms (e.g. Vantage, Colorfront or mxfSPEEDRAIL), and providing valuable information about the files and the platform usage, with a specialised view over failures that will allow tracking where the problems lie.

editorsPERFORMANCE gives the power to get KPIs about the editing suites and editors, without trespassing into media professionals’ work. This information can then be used to discuss and propose workflow optimisations that will allow making better use of machines and human resources. It also helps to allocate new resources to the teams proactively, ensuring that their work gets done without an itch.

With a combination of machine learning techniques and business intelligence processes, MOG is correlating all the information about the media, the applications, and the resources, effectively disiloing information into actionable insights. The obtained data is then presented in a minimalist, yet expandable, dashboard that provide the insights without obscuring what really matters.