IABM Welcomes Skyline Communications to Platinum Membership

IABM is delighted to announce that Skyline Communications has become the latest company to upgrade to Platinum membership level – joining fellow industry leaders Avid, AWS Elemental, Dell EMC, Google, Grass Valley, Oracle, Piksel, V-Nova and Verizon in enjoying the wide range of benefits and recognition that top-level membership of IABM confers.

IABM is an international trade organisation whose members represent the majority of the broadcast and entertainment technology market’s revenues worldwide. IABM facilitates the important networking and interaction between suppliers that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry.

Skyline Communications is the global leading supplier of end-to-end, multi-vendor network management, orchestration and OSS solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry. Its widely acclaimed flagship DataMiner network management platform, which has received various prestigious awards (including an IABM BaM Award), enables sophisticated end-to-end integration and orchestration of the most complex technical ecosystems, across any vendor and technology boundaries, and has been already widely deployed and adopted by leading broadcast and media corporations, as well as technology vendors around the world.

“Working closely with IABM allows us to prepare our customers for the emerging future of the broadcast and media industry and make them aware of the new and very fundamental challenges they are bound to encounter. Because that future’s defined by volatility, complexity and continuous change, ultimately a truly agile operation is the key to success. This requires fundamentally different and very innovative approaches, which are all embodied in our latest DataMiner X release,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “We are very committed to continuously investing in research and development and to delivering the best possible and highly innovative end-to-end orchestration and monitoring capability, today and any time in the future. We have done this for a long time now, and this is the reason why so many leading corporations in this industry rely heavily on our software technology. Our technology is one of their most strategic assets in the emerging new broadcast and media world.  After all, it is not going to be about the ones that can put the gear in a rack and sign up to some cloud services – it will be about the ones that succeed in leveraging and orchestrating those ecosystems end-to-end in clever ways, the ones that can build a real agile operation and ride the waves of continuous transformation.”

“We welcome Skyline Communications’ decision to upgrade its IABM membership to Platinum level,” said Peter White, IABM CEO. “Skyline’s DataMiner platform is very much at the forefront of the industry move towards fully integrated and automated content supply chains, tapping the power of AI to orchestrate every operational aspect across all content-based media businesses. Platinum membership gives Skyline a place at the top table, and access to an array of extra benefits which will help the company to be even better connected and do more business. I’m looking forward to working closely with one of the leading innovators in our transforming industry.”

Visit https://www.theiabm.org and https://www.skyline.be


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