Oracle Divests Itself of Digital Media Solutions and DIVA Content Management

Oracle has announced it has completed the sale of its Digital Media Solutions business and DIVA Content Storage Management product line to EcoDigital, a privately-held company based in Atlanta, Georgia, with previous experience in digital archiving technologies. 

Oracle acquired the DIVA Content Storage Management product line as part of its September 2014 acquisition of the developer of the platform, Front Porch Digital.

According to a statement issued by Ajay Srivastava, Senior Vice President, Oracle Operating Systems and Virtualisation, “We see this new development as a positive improvement for the two organisations, our mutual clients, and the industry. 

“A seamless experience for all of our customers, partners, and vendors is our top priority. To ensure business continuity, Oracle will continue to operate the business on behalf of EcoDigital during an interim transition period. For day-to-day operations, please continue to contact your current account teams across sales, support, and other business functions. Oracle and EcoDigital will provide notification well in advance of any changes in contact information and processes.

“In the meantime, please contact Rino Petricola and Geoff Tognetti with any questions you may have about this exciting combination. Please note that all contracts and renewal orders executed by Oracle following this notice are being entered into on behalf of EcoDigital.”





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