Ofcom Makes Statutory Instruments to Prepare for Spectrum Auction

Ofcom recently made three statutory instruments in preparation of the award of spectrum in the 700MHz and 3.6-3.8GHz bands.

In December, Ofcom published proposals to auction airwaves in these two bands in 2020. This included proposed coverage obligations that would mean up to two winning bidders would each have to provide good outdoor mobile coverage to at least 90 percent of the UK’s landmass within four years of the award.

In addition, the winning bidders would have to reach at least 140,000 properties that do not yet have good outdoor coverage, and deploy at least 500 new transmitter sites.

As part of our preparations for the auction, Ofcom has made the following statutory instruments, following consultation earlier this year:

  • The Wireless Telegraphy (Spectrum Trading) (Amendment) Regulations 2019.
  • The Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Spectrum Trading) (Amendment) Regulations 2019.
  • The Wireless Telegraphy (Register) (Amendment) Regulations 2019.

Ofcom currently plans to make the Wireless Telegraphy (Limitation of Number of Licences) Order 2019 as soon as the regulations setting out the rules for the auction of the 700MHz band and the 3.6-3.8GHz band have been made.

We expect to publish our final decision on the proposals for the auction, including coverage obligations, later this summer.

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