David Gordillo Joins Cleeng as Chief Revenue Officer

Born in Colombia, David Gordillo quickly developed a passion for business and technology. To acquire his first computer, he was selling homework to his peers in middle school.

Then, David enrolled in Universidad Nacional de Colombia when he was only 14 years old and then moved to France to complete a Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics (before he turned 23). He founded two Online Marketing and Media Companies, and one of them got acquired.

Do you know the supercomputers used to control nuclear reactors, predict weather forecasts, optimise car engines, renewable energies production? His career started up creating and optimising algorithms for this type of computers.

David entered the OTT space when he moved to Ooyala, one of Cleeng’s partners – first as Sales Engineer, and then as a Global Head of Sales and Business Development, managing a team in four continents.

David’s proven track record building highly performing teams that put the customer first was the main reason we chose him to deliver our ambitious growth plan.

“It is a real privilege to have someone of the caliber of David to join Cleeng’s Management Team. As Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), we expect David to focus and execute against a solid plan, which will require breakthrough thinking, human empathy and method. To grow dramatically our business, he will be leading our new sales, demand generation, and partner strategies.

“David’s energy, enthusiasm, humbleness and cleverness, will provide the leadership necessary to the team to deliver our ambitious plan,” said Gilles Domartini, CEO and founder.

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