Teamium Unveils its Next-Gen Production Management Platform

Teamium proudly unveiled its new visual collaborative platform at NAB 2019, integrating production resource management with client defined business processes and rich visual collaboration tools, all in a single application.

Digital technologies have fundamentally transformed how project teams collaborate to get things done in today’s real time environment. But lack of such tools and digital integrations that can support media production workflows has continued to hinder team productivity, putting a serious strain on efficient business operations. Faced with budget constraints, teams have to do more in less time and with fewer resources. The need for better, cost effective automation tools has never been more critical and urgent. Teamium is proud to introduce its next-gen platform that harnesses the latest digital and mobile technologies to transform traditional production resource management into rich, visual team collaboration. Teamium is fundamentally changing the way teams collaborate and communicate to get the work done.

Designed with the latest digital and mobile technologies from the ground up, Teamium has the look and feel of a modern digital tool that is easy to learn and requires no training. The cloud-based service requires no software to install and no IT infrastructure. The pay as you go subscription pricing minimises upfront investment and risk

Teamium is the proud recipient of NAB Pitch Pilot Prize awarded to game-changing broadcasting technologies and innovations. Swing by our booth for a product demo and see for yourself how we are forever changing the way you manage production.



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