Accedo Announces Partner Program

Accedo debuted its Partner Program at this year’s CES Show in Las Vegas. Accedo will roll out the program over the ensuing months and invite current and new partners to join the program to expand their reach together with Accedo.

The partner program will invite companies across the broad video ecosystem to combine technology, business and marketing efforts to create and deliver customer-centric solutions for the wider video industry.

Over the years, Accedo has built a wide network of over one hundred technology and service vendors, all specialised in the video ecosystem. With Accedo’s market leading experience from deploying hundreds of OTT video services, Accedo is a trusted advisor to customers who rely on Accedo to provide market knowledge and understanding of the complex ecosystem.

“With our partners we have created world class video experiences for years and it is time to go to the next level. Together with our industry partners we are looking forward to continuing to define the future of customer-centric innovation in the market.” said Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo. “I’m excited to see the interest for this program and can’t wait to start enhancing the way in which we work with our partners.”

Leveraging Accedo One, Accedo provides access to integration points for partners, making it easier to deliver innovative video services for the benefit of customers. The result will be a better video experience for consumers in every segment and every geography.

The Accedo Partner Program is available for enrolment now for both new and existing partners. If you would like to join the program or find out more, please start the application process here.



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