MultiDyne 2017 Technical and Engineering Emmy Award Winner

MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions will be honoured at the 69th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards in Las Vegas for its pioneering development of a portable, battery-powered audio/video test signal generator. MultiDyne President Frank Jachetta will accept the award alongside 25 other honourees at the 8th of April, 2018 event, which coincides with the start of the NAB Show.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ (NATAS) recognition of the MultiDyne TS-1 is a significant milestone for the company as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. The development of the TS-1 by MultiDyne Founder Vincent Jachetta effectively launched the company in 1977, and was quickly recognised as a game-changer for broadcasters seeking a compact, portable, low-cost alternative to the large, expensive rack-mounted test signal generators common at the time.

“The TS-1 made simple field testing and diagnostics a reality for television engineers, and carved out a new path for broadcasters in need of portable solutions to make their jobs easier,” said Jachetta. “The TS-1 quickly established a name for MultiDyne in the broadcast industry, and set a foundation for innovation in both portable and rack-mounted fibre-optic and test solutions that continues today. We’re honored to be recognised for the achievement that effectively launched the company.”

Frank recalls his father Vincent, an Italian immigrant working for NBC at the time, initially taking an approved leave of absence to develop the TS-1 in 1976. Vincent designed and engineered the prototype in the family basement, and brought the product to market through his own efforts the following year.

Though the product has long since been retired based on changing broadcaster needs, the company occasionally catches wind of the TS-1 in use – and will even service the product.

“We received one at the factory a few years ago,” said Jachetta. “It was not only still working, but remained in calibration. It’s a testament to the longevity and robust design that are hallmarks of MultiDyne products.”

MultiDyne is one of several industry suppliers that will be recognised alongside some of the greatest broadcast technology icons, including Robert Ross, Senior Vice President of CBS Broadcasting, and Richard Friedel, Executive Vice President and GM of FOX Networks Engineering and Operations. Mr. Ross and Mr. Friedel will receive the Academy’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards.



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