Notes for PR Companies

At Content+Technology/, we love PR companies. They provide a vital conduit between ourselves and their clients, and help supply us with valuable content resources which complement those we have in-house.

However, the wider distribution of our features information, particularly by third-party web sites, means that PR Companies are not given the industry context in which our publications operate. This often results in confusion on the part of the PR company and lengthy phone or email explanations on our part.

To save time in this regard, we present some background notes to help you decide whether or not our publications are relevant to your clients. You can also download our current Features List/Rate Card in its proper context below.

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH – Do have a look at our humble publications. They will tell you if your client is relevant to what we do. We recently had a PR company representing a large Japanese multinational ask to be removed from our circulation list as “no-one at the office read the magazine”. Now, we may be only journalists and publishers here, but how can you deliver accurate metrcs and bill your client if you aren’t cataloguing the vehicles in which their releases appear? There is also the very real possibility that if you don’t take an interest in what we do, we will have the same attitude toward you and your client.
  2. Industry Coverage –  our publications cover the various operational and technology aspects of content creation and delivery. From shooting a film or news story to editing that story and “transmitting” it to a TV, Radio, Cinema Screen, PC or other device (and also archiving that content for future use), these are the concerns of our publications. We do not cover other industries.
  3. Professional Readership  – our publications are aimed at industry professionals and go out free to those professionals thanks to the support of our advertisers. You will not find them on a news stand and they are not read by the general public.
  4. Editorial Slant – all our editorial is aimed at the professionals and industry sectors mentioned above. Therefore we are primarily interested in submmissions which have applications in those industry sectors. While some of our features may sound quite general – outsourcing, cloud computing, green screen (the environment), for example – we are really only interested in industry relevant material, not cloud computing platforms as they may be used by small business, for example.
  5. Feature Structure – our feature sections are generally led by news items relevent to that feature (e.g., post-production, radio, sportscasting, etc), followed by relevant new product announcements. We also run relevant whitepaper/case study material which we also publish to our whitepaper library website. We DO NOT run generalising “trend” articles and call them a “feature”. These tend to make industry assessments or predictions and are backed up, coincidentally enough, by “expert comments”/”valuable insights” from your client’s Chief Marketing Officer (for example). We prefer to highlight what your client’s customers are doing with your client’s products and let that speak for itself. Also, we do not produce synopses or briefs for our features as many of them appear in every issue of our magazine.
  6. Client Info – Do provide us with at least the name of or some background on your client if you are going to call us or email. The following, real examples, don’t help us or your client. “As we represent clients in the cloud computing space, I wondered whether you are interested in doing any interviews for the feature?” and “I have several clients and case studies that may be able to help you with your article.”
  7. Deadlines – our published deadlines are our deadlines unless you hear from us to the contrary.

Download our current Features Lists/Rate Cards from the link below.

Content+Technology 2014 Info

Lastly, please keep the questions coming. we’re here to help you help your clients who, after all, keep us all in business.

Thanks and regards

Phil Sandberg, Publisher