Calendar of Online Industry Events

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Please note: Many events listed outside of business hours in APAC timezones are available later on-demand. Registration can ensure you are notified about such on-demand content.

Sony VENICE Discussion with Special Guest Cinematographer (TBA)


Join Sony DMPC's monthly Behind the Camera Training Series, open to film and TV industry professionals who want to learn and discuss Sony’s tools for digital cinematography. This FREE training series is designed to educate, inspire, and answer questions for film and video professionals across the industry. Trainings are one hour, include presentation and live […]

Today’s Newsroom – Workflow Efficiency, Competitive Edge


News producers compete to be first to air with breaking stories in order to keep audiences engaged and keep eyeballs away from the competition. Today’s newsroom is built on efficiency, and the goal is to share the drama and excitement of breaking news with audiences as swiftly as possible. Join our newsroom experts to discuss […]

Ross Video: Compelling Corporate Communications


From employees and shareholders to the press and the wider public, corporate organizations are increasingly using video as the vehicle to share their stories with stakeholder audiences. With many companies looking to broadcast television as the benchmark standard, how can corporations create and share professionally produced content without broadcast-level budgets and expertise?

Bringing Esports Back Online


The phenomenal rise of esports has spawned a whole series of live events, with fans packing stadiums and venues to experience tournaments and competitions first-hand. In this session, we’ll examine the development of esports and look at how the industry has returned to its online roots during the global pandemic.