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Project Planning


Whether you’re looking at putting in a new transmitter for a single station owner, or replacing a fleet of consoles for a large group, every project has certain steps that can be followed to make the process more efficient and less painful for everybody involved. This week, we’ll be discussing various aspects and tools used […]

Panasonic Live PTZ and Camera Streaming Solutions


Learn about Panasonic’s family of professional cameras for video streaming applications for small, medium and large organizations. We’ll discuss the challenges with streaming content and the tips and tricks as well as best practices to improve your live streaming activities. Speakers include: Hamid James, Product Manager, Panasonic Steve Cooperman, Senior Product Manager, News & Content […]

5G Opportunities for Media Distribution


3GPP technologies are being shaped to accommodate features and functionalities demanded by the media industry. Originally driven by the needs of mobile networks to accommodate the increasing consumption of multimedia content, the scope has broadened to offer solutions to different stakeholders - including media service providers, CDN providers, network operators - for the distribution of […]

IP Applications for OTT Broadcast


Fireside chat IP Applications for OTT Broadcast Transitioning from Push to Pull Distribution OTT presents the most significant and decisive change for program distribution in the history of television. As we transition to the highly efficient pull model of delivery, broadcasters are witnessing at first hand the benefits OTT offers both for their viewers and […]

Network Management Systems


In this webinar, learn how to: Automate your service lineup Ensure your probes and multiviewers are always in sync with your service Implement efficient probe and asset usage Improve service uptime Consolidate monitoring and orchestration on a single pane of glass

Production & Playout: The Key Industry Trends to Watch & Adopt


SMPTE ST 2110 and UHD are two of the biggest trends in production and broadcast playout. Join this webinar to see the key benefits these technologies offer and how you can seize monetization opportunities by transitioning to full IP and UHD workflows. Topics include: Strategies for low-risk transition to IP with SMPTE ST 2110 Tone […]

Excel at Meeting Amazon Prime Video Direct Technical Requirements


Our Interra Cloud Services expert will show you how you can sail through the stringent submission process while uploading your video on Amazon Prime Video Direct. You will learn how to excel in meeting content policy requirements with ease using our cloud-based QC service.

Back-ups and STL


The distance from the studio to the transmitter can be a few feet or tens of thousands of miles in the case of satellite transmission. We’re going to look at backup systems, not just for the STL, but in general. The one thing certain about any electrical or electronic path is that it will eventually […]

Separating Signal from Noise: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for Digital Signal Processing Professionals


Human learning and understanding involve strategies ranging from rote memorization to analogy to first principle decomposition. On this pyramid of learning strategies, human rote memorization is typically viewed as a necessary but NOT sufficient component of true learning. Computers are so good at storing and retrieving information that the word learning is rarely if ever […]

RIST Unfiltered Q&A Webinar – Part II


The webinar will continue to cover everything you need to know about the RIST protocols including compatibility, evolution differentiation and much more. Please submit your questions in advance to:



In session 5 we will review the full line of StreamCaster products StreamCaster radios, physical connections, power options, mounting solutions, and general radio operation.

How to Cost-Effectively Launch Streaming Video on Your Cable Network


This webinar, hosted by experts from Harmonic and Jackson Energy Authority, will show you how to stay competitive on streaming video and will address the key considerations to deploy your own branded streaming TV lineup quickly and securely, with the highest video quality. Join this 45-minute webinar to learn more about EPlus Premier's unique benefits, […]

Resilience and Vigilance in Sports Broadcasting

Broadcasting innovation has radically altered the sports media landscape. Consumer demands for immersive content and experiences have intensified now that live touchpoints have been extinguished from the wider sport ecosystem. Facing renewed pressure to innovate, broadcasting and media organization must be vigilant to reduce their vulnerability and counter recurring and emerging cyber-security risks. This Digital […]

The New Video Codec Landscape: VVC, EVC, HEVC, LCEVC, AVC and more


There seems to be no shortage of video codecs nowadays. MPEG just added VVC and EVC to the mix with LCEVC expected to join them soon. But how do the newcomers fit in with the already deployed MPEG standards AVC and HEVC? And how do they fit in with VP8, VP9, and AV1 launched by […]

Remote Production in the Cloud for DR and the New Normal

Even before the recent global health event, media organizations were exploring choices on how to deliver content with more flexibility, agility, and reliability. Television stations are currently re-evaluating options for guaranteeing uptime under diverse and challenging events. Issues of business continuity and disaster recovery mean finding ways to efficiently work and produce remotely. The advent […]



(Session 6 of 9) will cover the basic operation of our StreamScape graphical user interface (GUI), laptop configuration, and review our network management tools.

‘Zixi Delivers’ Virtual Showcase – It’s Zixi or It’s Not: Advantages of the Zixi SDVP


Zixi’s Executive Chairman and CEO Gordon Brooks will explain the different elements of the Zixi SDVP: the preeminent Zixi Protocol and 16 supported protocols, the Zixi Video Solutions Stack, ZEN Master Control Plane, and the Zixi Enabled Network of integrated technology partners. Brooks will explain how each of the four components allow the broadcaster video […]

‘Zixi Delivers’ Virtual Showcase – Zixi Enabled Network Panel: The Future of Live Streaming Over IP


Zixi will host a panel featuring industry-leading customers and partners discussing the latest challenges and opportunities facing broadcast media as the industry shifts towards virtualized IP-based distribution models for live video. Virtual Customer and Partner Meetings – September 14th through September 18th, existing and prospective clients will have the opportunity to conduct virtual meetings with […]

‘Zixi Delivers’ Virtual Showcase – Partner Demonstration: Sencore


Sencore, developer of reliable, cost-effective signal transmission and content monitoring solutions for the broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV markets, has integrated Zixi into their hardware solutions to provide cost-effective and easily-deployable solutions for live video streaming. This webinar will demonstrate how Sencore and Zixi's integrated solutions allow content providers to bridge the gap between unmanaged […]

‘Zixi Delivers’ Virtual Showcase – Remote Monitoring & Operations with Zixi’s ZEN Master


Learn how to virtualize your streaming infrastructure with Zixi's ZEN Master. Eric Bolten, VP of Business Development and Paul Shore, Senior Solutions Architect, will present an overview and introduce the latest enhancements to Zixi's award-winning control plane. ZEN Master is the live video orchestration and telemetry control plane that enables Zixi users to manage large-scale […]