New Canon Portable Zoom Lens for 4K Broadcast Cameras

Canon has announced the launch of the latest addition to the company’s UHDxs series of high-end portable zoom lenses for 4K broadcast cameras employing 2/3-inch sensors. Delivering high optical performance characteristic of the UHDxs series, the CJ15ex4.3B realises a class-leading1 widest focal length of 4.3 mm and highest zoom ratio1 of 15x, making it ideal for producing high-quality, immersive video in a wide variety of scenarios, including sports broadcasting and studio programming.

Thanks to a wide-end focal length of 4.3 mm and a 15x zoom ratio, the CJ15ex4.3B is ideal for capturing such scenes as stadium overviews and landscapes. What’s more, the wide focal length of 4.3 mm and minimum focusing distance of 0.3 m make the lens ideal for shooting in narrow environments or when getting up close to subjects.

Through optimal placement of fluorite, UD2 and Super UD2 lenses in a multi-group optical configuration developed by Canon, the CJ15ex4.3B realises excellent correction of such phenomena as colour bleeding and chromatic aberration. In addition, Canon’s proprietary Air Sphere Coating (ASC) for lenses helps reduce flaring and ghosting, and also makes possible greater visual expression with rich gradation, even during HDR3 and WCG4 shooting.

The Canon CJ15ex4.3B delivers 4K-quality performance while achieving a weight of approximately 2.19 kg5 and a compact body measuring approximately 163.0 mm (W) x 107.6 mm (H) x 249.6 mm (L). By providing excellent optical performance demanded by professionals in such fields as broadcast journalism and documentaries – all in a compact and lightweight
package comparable to HD camera lenses – the lens also helps reduce the burden on camera operators.

The Canon CJ15ex4.3B will be on sale from January 2020.

1 Among portable-type lenses with 2/3-inch sensors and wide-end focal lengths under 5.0 mm. As of September
5, 2019. Based on a Canon survey.
2 UD refers to “Ultra Low Dispersion” lenses. Super UD lenses further improve on the advancements of UD
3 High Dynamic Range refers to a technique that enhances the contrast between light and dark values (the
dynamic range) of an image.
4 Wide Color Gamut, technology that expands the range of colors that can be represented in video.