Canon Announces DP-V3120 4K/HDR Reference Display

Canon has announced the launch of the DP-V3120, a new 31-inch professional 4K/HDR reference display that realises a white luminance of up to 2,000 cd/m2 and high contrast of 2000000:1.

The DP-V3120 achieves high levels of both white and black luminance through the use of such technologies as a display engine and LED backlighting system designed by Canon and an IPS LCD panel. The faithful colour reproduction, high resolution and high contrast made possible by the display enable accurate checking of content captured in 4K/HDR.

Using a backlighting configuration and algorithm both developed in-house by Canon, the display achieves a maximum illuminance of 2,000 cd/m2 for white luminance, as well as improved black luminance and high contrast of 2000000:1, helping to make the display more suitable for checking dark or high-contrast areas. With the ability to display the vast range of illumination levels present in video content, DP-V3120 can faithfully express gradation and colour suitable for a 4K/HDR reference display in vivid clarity.

The DP-V3120 exceeds the Dolby Vision required monitor specifications including General Monitor Specifications and Grey Scale Reproduction to meet the requirement of Dolby Vision certified post-production facility. With this achievement, Canon further proves its ability to support the efficient production of high-quality visual content and meet the various needs of content production worksites.

The Canon DP-V3120 display also comes equipped with 12G-SDI terminals (four IN and four OUT) to enable simultaneous comparing of 4-screen/2-screen and HDR/SDR content in both 4K and 2K. Other functions include: HDR monitoring assist, which uses pseudocolours to help visualise luminance or colour values for easier inspection; video payload ID2 connectivity that enables recognition of input signals; and automatic toggling between image quality settings, and input signal error warnings for detecting and confirming errors and even the ability to view error logs.

The Canon DP-V3120 display will be on sale from November 2019.