UEI Takes Control of Android TV

Universal Electronics Inc., (UEI), the devloper of universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home, has introduced a new Android TV platform remote control at the International Broadcasting Convention (Hall 1, stand C41).

Many leading pay-TV operators have launched advanced television systems that include features such as integrated video on demand (VOD),  apps, a wide assortment of live and premium TV channels, and ultra high definition 4K content. In response to this explosion of video offerings, many operators have adopted voice search and control as an efficient and user-friendly way of finding and enjoying content.

UEI was one of the first development partners for Google that helped with the integration of advanced control features such as voice and universal control into the Android TV platforms. UEI has developed Android control solutions for leading TV display manufacturers as well as leading TV operators and set-top box suppliers.UEI has supported leading brands such as Sony, AT&T, Tivo, Vodafone, DISH, and many others in developing and integrating voice remote control technology into their platforms.

“In the last 18 months, Universal Electronics has developed over 25 new Android TV products for several service providers and CE brands,” says Menno Koopmans, SVP of Global Sales and Marketing at Universal Electronics Inc. “We see the market evolving as Android boxes are getting more powerful, physically smaller, and capable of being hidden behind the TV. Given the standardisation of the Android TV graphical interface, the remote control becomes the most important system differentiator for operators. The search, discovery, and control features represent an increasingly important means of brand communication with the consumer – in essence becoming the ‘brand in the hand’.”

In 2019, the company will launch UEI’s premium Android TV remote, its flagship Android TV controller that includes features such as adaptive control and QuickSet Cloud.

Adaptive control delivers the most user-friendly entertainment control experience, as the remote control intelligently illuminates the keys needed for controlling specific on-screen content. This ensures that the remote control always knows the user interface and adjusts accordingly.

UEI’s QuickSet Cloud technology is the de-facto standard for simple AV control. The technology automatically discovers, sets up, and controls the TV and audio devices connected to the Android TV set-top box. UEI QuickSet is available on virtually all primary TV platforms worldwide, including Android TV, RDK, Tizen, webOS and has been adopted in over 500 million connected entertainment devices worldwide.

In addition, UEI’s premium Android TV remote will come in a slim, premium design with a USB-C recharging port.

“The industry is moving towards greater consumer use of voice search and control, and we see an increasing need for more energy-efficient products. For heavy voice users, traditional batteries can only last three to six months, which is both economically and ecologically limiting”, says Koopmans. “We expect a lot from this new rechargeable flagship product and we are excited to have already signed up our first TV operators.”

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