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NEW Product – SAM-Q Platform

The SAM-Q Platform launched at NAB2019, with the first edition to the range, SAM-Q-SDI now shipping to customers worldwide. The SAM-Q platform brings a new and fresh approach to audio monitor design, built on the following principles:

  • Permissions – Audio monitoring sources and functions can be included/excluded based on your Application, Skillset or Workflow.
  • Preference – View, select and measure audio using your preferred mode of operation.
  • Protection – Protect your SAM-Q configuration using a PIN code.
  • Potential – With optional licenses, the feature set of your SAM-Q can grow over time.

New for IBC

New SAM-Q modes focused towards the engineer – including audio phase, true-peak audio level monitoring audio loudness measurement for multiple audio programs.

Optional MADI License – customers will be able to Mix, Monitor and Measure up to 128 MADI sources on the SAM-Q-SDI.

Updates to the PAM-IP

The PAM-IP remains the only ST-2022-6 and ST-2110 audio monitor in the world to provide status monitoring.  Customers can diagnose and troubleshoot system issues and achieve confidence when PAM-IP subscriptions are being managed by an external control system.

The PAM-IP now supports three methods of subscription management, allowing ST-2022-6 and/or ST-2110 multicast subscriptions to be managed externally, using TSL TallyMan or suitable third-party control system:

  • ‘In-Band’ Control allows a suitable control system to manage ST-2110 subscriptions using either Ember+, NMOS IS-04/05 or the Embrionix RESTful API, whilst ST-2022-6 subscriptions can be managed using Ember+ or the Embrionix RESTful API.
  • ‘Out of Band’ control allows a suitable control system to manage ST-2110 or ST-2022-6 subscriptions by way of the TSL Audio RESTful API.
  • Preset Control allows for the creation and recall of locally stored presets, allowing the PAM1-IP and PAM2-IP to manage multicast subscriptions, independent of any external control system.

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