Rethinking Telecom and Media Industry Security – Cybersecurity Forum

What are the emerging trends in the converged TV and telco industries? Are these ecosystems safe from cyber-attacks and piracy? What strategies are effective in this context?

NAGRA will participate in the IBC Cyber-Security Forum for the session ‘Rethinking Telecom and Media Industry Security’, featuring Simon Trudelle, Senior Director, Anti-Piracy Services.

The session will look at the challenges the global TV, video and telecom industry is facing as consumers are increasingly connected, massively increasing the attack surface for content, consumer data and intellectual property theft at large. It will highlight the key strategies to adopt and the policy actions to enact to protect business models in a global broadband world.

  • Simon Trudelle – Senior Director, Anti-Piracy Services
  • Thursday, September 12 at 15:50
  • E102, RAI, Amsterdam

Part of IBC 2019 Executive Forums series, the IBC Cyber-Security Forum will address three areas critical to the media and entertainment industry – how to secure production, how to secure the digital supply chain and the emerging threats that accompany IoT devices. Click here for more information.

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