SGO to Introduce Professional Sessions

At IBC2019  SGO will be introducing exclusive and informative Professional Sessions – topic focused gatherings for creatives and engineering experts, discussing new standards, trending topics and providing innovative solutions for the technical challenges faced during content creation.

SGO Professional Sessions being presented at IBC 2019 are:

Colour Grading Pipelines by the latest Industry Standards

Delve deep into the latest colour management trends and discover how to fully embrace the advantages of ACES colour space. In this complete overview, you will learn how to set up the correct environment, apply technical fixes and use ACES to create deliverables.

Full Content Delivery for HDR Workflows including Dolby Vision

HDR content creation and delivery can cause quality control issues due to the demanding standards required by the major streaming services and studios. Explore how to optimise and simplify your HDR workflow and content delivery by using innovative Mistika Technology solutions with support for Dolby Vision.

Content Packaging and Delivery done faster, smarter and easier External workflow challenges with the lack of automation and content validation are one of the inefficient bottlenecks experienced by many productions. Discover how to automate various every-day media-processing tasks, define packaging and delivery workflows that result in reliable and cost effective resource optimisation.

VFX Compositing and Integration with the Colour Grading Pipeline

Find out how to experience greater control and flexibility by working with integrated VFX and colour grading tools within the same unified environment.

Full finishing for Immersive Content

Learn how to utilise the very latest VR post-production techniques and technology to create truly immersive 360º video content: from initial optical flow stitching to colour grading and final finishing.