Torque Announces AI Facial Recognition for DVStor

Torque Video Systems is adding a facial recognition module to its flagship DVStor Recording and Playout system, to be launched at IBC2019, booth 1F34.

Leveraging AI Deep Learning technologies, the new product performs rapid identification and cataloging of human facial features based on facial geometry metrics. Identified faces are stored in a database featuring a straightforward, easy-to-use operator GUI. The massive capacity and capability of the DVStor in storing hundreds of channels for months, provide a rich database of detected faces, and the video clips they were detected in. On the web-based GUI, detected faces are cross-referenced against video clips, allowing quick search of video clips containing one or more people. The GUI also facilitates adding metadata for complete identification.

Danny Wilson, Founder and CEO of Torque Video Systems said, “Even just a short few years ago, this kind of technology was almost magic. Fast forward to the present day, we are elated to bring these new and ultra cool tools to our customers.

“The applications are wide ranging; from advertising to marketing, to law enforcement and government,” Wilson continued.

The new AI features are an optional module for Torque’s DVStor Recording and Playout system, which is globally deployed for compliance recording and disaster recovery playout applications.

Torque Video Systems exhibits at IBC2019, booth 1F34, from September 13 to 17. Demos are available on-site.