ATTO and Cisco Systems Certify 32Gb Fibre Channel SAN Solutions

ATTO Technology is proud to announce that ATTO Celerity 32Gb Fibre Channel HBAs are certified with Cisco Systems MDS 9000 switches.

ATTO demonstrated astonishing speeds during NAB 2019 using ATTO 32Gb Celerity host bus adapters (HBAs) and a Cisco MDS 9396T Fibre Channel switch. The combined Fibre Channel technology exceeded the bandwidth necessary to support many streams of 8K, 4K, and HDR video, demonstrating how effective this solution is for high-performance, collaborative video editing environments. ATTO will have this demo at IBC2019 in Amsterdam.

ATTO Celerity 32Gb Gen 6 powered HBAs deliver the highest bandwidth and lowest latency available on the market, as well as reliable and scalable connectivity with twice the maximum throughput of previous solutions. Celerity 32Gb HBAs feature ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) Technology to manage latency and provide controlled acceleration and ATTO MultiPath Director, which provides load balancing and path failover protection.

“We are excited to collaborate with Cisco Systems, whose storage switch solutions are an ideal match for ATTO’s low latency, highly reliable and future proof HBAs,” said Timothy J. Klein, president and CEO, ATTO Technology. “With this certification, Fibre Channel users are assured their infrastructures will operate at the highest performance possible.”

The next-generation Cisco MDS 9396T 32Gb 96-Port Fibre Channel Switch provides high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity in the SAN. This switch offers state-of-art analytics and telemetry capability built into its next-generation Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) platform. MDS 9396T addresses the requirement for a highly scalable, virtualised, intelligent SAN infrastructure in current-generation data centre environments.

“We’re pleased to team with ATTO to provide joint customers a superior performance solution with Cisco’s 32G Fibre channel storage switches, as demonstrated at NAB 2019,” said Adarsh Viswanathan, Senior Manager, Product Management, Cisco Data Center Solutions.

The industry is transitioning to 32Gb fixed switches thanks to the availability of HBAs like ATTO Celerity and compatible storage arrays. Additionally, as low-latency flash arrays and extremely dense virtualisation deployments become more pervasive, fixed switches are expected to provide 32Gb connectivity to the SAN core.