Eurofins at IBC: Your Partner in Testing and QA

Eurofins Digital Testing offers a unique suite of services and products in the quality assurance and testing space. Reach out to Eurofins Digital Testing.

Eurofins teams will be on hand throughout the event and look forward to talking with you. Eurofins recognises your time is precious and that IBC is a big event. The company invites you to book a time slot for a demonstration – or informal chat – at the event. Eurofins product and service demos are below so book your meeting.

IMF Analyser and MXF Analyser

IMF – the Interoperable Master Format – looks set to be widely adopted across the media  supply chain, from production and post-production to broadcasters, OTT service providers, and other distribution channels. It is the cost-effective way to distribute many localised and tailored versions of content, which is essential in today’s market. It is also emerging as the preferred format for long-term archiving of content. As a component-based format, IMF is well suited to distributed and cloud-based workflows.

Visitors to IBC can speak with Eurofins about quality assurance in IMF workflows, and see a demonstration of our products for the analysis and validation of IMF compositions and constituent MXF essence tracks.

Test Automation

The past year has seen considerable development of our test automation platform, testwizard, with a fully-feature development environment. New functionality includes the ability to perform testing, any Smart TV testing, apply remote manual/automated testing and evaluate Quality of Experience (QoE). Add in an enhanced QA process and second screen testing and you’ll see why testwizard is the premier test automation platform.

Android TV Test Solutions

Android TV is the fastest growing operating system for Smart TVs and set top boxes. More and more operators and broadcasters are basing their consumer platforms on Android TV, from streaming to broadcast.

Eurofins has developed an automated test solution to support device manufacturers and developers who need to fully integrate broadcast stacks such as DVB into Android TV devices. Our test harness controls OTT and broadcast interfaces to a device, with specially prepared test streams that can be modified in real time, and ensures that apps running in the Android environment can integrate broadcast content seamlessly with OTT, and in compliance with region-specific regulatory requirements around broadcast services.

Cyber Security

Eurofins Digital Testing offers a range of cybersecurity tools and services worldwide through the Eurofins Cyber Security division. With offices in Europe and the USA, along with access to Eurofins facilities around the world, Eurofins can help you, your organisation and your products face up to the ever-changing challenges faced from cyber criminals.

Eurofins can also help with compliance, with robust solutions for regimes such as the GDPR. Our cybersecurity experts will be at IBC to discuss how Eurofin can help bolster your security.

Eurofins Digital Testing offers a comprehensive range of QA and testing services including:

  • Advisory and Training
  • Managed Services and Resourcing
  • Standards and Conformance
  • Tooling and Test Automation
  • Testlab Services and Infrastructure

Cyber Security

As your partner in testing and quality assurance why not talk to Eurofin experts who can support your projects in content, back office, mobile, web, smart TV and set top boxes. Get in touch here or make and appointment to visit us during IBC2019.

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