Pixotope at IBC – High Performance Virtual Graphics for Storytellers

Take your story productions to the next level with Pixotope – Go from ordinary to extraordinary storytelling.

Why Pixotope?

  • Designed by Creatives for Creatives – Crafted by an experienced team of designers and programmers intimately familiar with the challenges of operating in high profile live broadcasts and events. Pixotope’s uniquely efficient workflow is specifically built to provide breathtaking photo-realistic results in the blink of an eye. Live means you don’t get a second chance! No other virtual graphics system is as simple to use or performs as flawlessly as Pixotope does.
  • Native Unreal Rendering – Pixotope produces unrivalled levels of photo-realism in virtual graphics. With native Unreal Engine rendering all elements and characteristics in a 3D scene (objects, lighting, reflections, shadows, particles, physics, etc.) interact with each other, producing unrivalled levels of realism.
  • Instantly accessible, always live, WYSIWYG editing – Pixotope is always Live. No compiling time required to ‘bake’ 3D scenes in order to guarantee playback frame rate. Change elements from the control panel without having to launch the Editor. Changes or additions are always possible at any time and can be seen instantly.
  • Internal and External Keying – Pixotope generates crisp sharp keys to seamlessly blend real elements within virtual scenes. Select between Pixotope’s rapid set up internal 3D chroma keyer, tolerant to subtle lighting changes, or connect it to an industry-standard external keyer with dynamic controls.
  • Live to-air switching of virtual sets and AR objects – Pixotope now makes the impossible possible. Switch virtual sets or AR elements in a 3D scene live to air, to better illustrate a story or to change between program segments. Switching can also be triggered remotely via custom software control panels.
  • Single pass, non-destructive, Compositing Pipeline – Pixotope preserves the original quality of input signals. Achieve the highest possible compositing image quality, with no anti-aliasing. Pixotope enables more elements in each scene, producing greater realism and more frames per second.
  • Unlimited Datastream integration – Pixotope simplifies the display of dynamic data content. Any data streams, such as weather, sports, financial, or social media data, are easily integrated within Pixotope, to drive real-time, dynamic, augmented reality graphics.
  • Every UE4 feature available – Pixotope comes with all the latest UE4 features, always. Pixotope exposes and utilises all UE4 functionality, providing overall greater creative control. No other Unreal based virtual graphics solution unleashes the full power of the Unreal feature set like Pixotope does.

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