BBright Announces UHD-Channel Video Production Server

BBright recently announced that its new UHD-Channel media platform is now available for diverse use-cases such as Ultra HD channel playout, but also video production server installed in OB vans or within studios/master control rooms.

Versatility of applications and controls complemented by innovative features now simplify the 4K – Ultra HD media production and playout. For Live applications the UHD-Channel can be controlled by the operator with compatible 9-pin remotes and/or its web GUI for more sophisticated actions. For playout, UHD-Channel file playback is typically triggered by an external automation, using VDCP or REST API protocols.

The UHD-Channel supports the ubiquitous Quad 3G-SDI standard for inputs and outputs but also the future-proof ST-2110 baseband over IP format through 25 Gbits/s network interface. Live input or file playout can be reprocessed with graphics/channel branding as well as upscale and frame rate conversion. Secondary video output also provides preview and monitoring features for live 4K production. Moreover, SDR to HDR conversion/tone mapping for live subtitle video burn-in/insertion is a unique feature in the industry already in test with broadcaster.

“Nowadays, the software-based approach running on standard servers with dedicated I/O boards has proven its operational reliability, versatility and long-term scalability even for state-of-the-art live operation managing extremely high bit rate like uncompressed Ultra HD.

We believe the UHD-Channel is the obvious demonstration of BBright’s software expertise in term of real-time video processing applicable to Live production, to Playout and for a coming soon Channel in a Box … Stay tuned !”, said Guillaume Arthuis, BBright CEO.