Atomos Announces Two New Ninja V Modules

Make your audio and video syncing issues a thing of the past with the new Atomos AtomX Sync module for the Ninja V monitor recorder. Costing just $149 US it brings professional, long range, wireless timecode and genlock to any HDMI source, including DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. There is also simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity for Ninja V app control, and additional sync functionality using Bluetooth to any compatible video, audio device or smartphone app.

AtomX Sync makes it easy to integrate large sensor consumer cameras easily into traditional live productions. All captured video will share a common frame-accurate timecode that can be recognised by all mainstream NLEs. The module docks directly into the Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder’s modular expansion slot and is fully controlled and integrated with the AtomOS operating system and touchscreen interface.

Professional multi-cam shoots have never been so easy. You can even remotely control and configure countless other Ninja V recorders equipped with the module on the same network up to 300m away.

As productions move increasingly to Log/HDR, the AtomX Sync module allows all Ninja V recorders on set to be correctly set up in seconds – eliminating errors that can cost time and money. Any device can be a master or a slave. It’s as easy as powering on your Ninja V and a few taps of the screen to push your setting to your other units.

The AtomX Sync uses wireless synchronisation technology licensed from Timecode Systems. Operating on sub 1GHz frequencies (865.05 to 923.2MHz) enables great range even in crowded environments where other wireless systems may fail.

The beauty of partnering with Timecode Systems is that all its sync products like the :pulse, SyncBac PRO, UltraSync ONE are compatible with the AtomX Sync module so productions large and small currently using the ecosystem can integrate Atomos devices. The system is equally at home in large scale multi-camera productions for sporting events and concerts, or simply being used to sync a mirrorless camera to a Timecode Systems equipped audio device for perfect automated sync sound.

During IBC2018, Atomos unveiled the new AtomX Ethernet/NDI module for the Ninja V, which docks into the expansion slot of the monitor/recorder. It has a wired ethernet (1 GigE) connector that makes it possible to deliver live broadcast-grade video over IP networks. Priced at just $199 US it allows smaller HDMI equipped cameras and devices to seamlessly integrate into productions using NewTek’s NDI ecosystem, providing broadcasters and streamers with a simple, cost effective way to enhance the look of their live shows or add extra cameras.

Video over 1G ethernet is an exciting upgrade to traditional SDI infrastructure. NewTek has been developing NDI for many years and now Atomos is proud to offer its customers the benefit of the ethernet video revolution. Video over ethernet, specifically NDI, offers simple installation, amazing control and simple operation. Essentially the Ninja V with AtomX Ethernet/NDI module is a simple bridge between any HDMI source and a NDI network, plus a professional monitor for perfect exposure and focus. Putting all these features in the same device massively simplifies live productions.

Atomos has integrated the NDI technology from NewTek and the AtomX Ethernet/NDI module is fully compatible with the NDI ecosystem of products. The module supports NDI I/O from cameras and HDMI or SDI equipment up to 4Kp60 and HDp240 – downscaled to HDp60 or lower. NDI encode and decode is included with advanced control and sync of Atomos devices, plus transport and control to and from traditional broadcast equipment. The AtomX Ethernet/NDI module allows Atomos customers to distribute, monitor and route video and audio at low latency with full control for the ultimate production experience, live or staged. Simply power on the Ninja V with AtomX Ethernet/NDI module installed, plug in your network cable, and your source will be automatically discovered on the NDI network ready for production.