ARRI’s New Digital Remote Wheels

ARRI has launched its new Digital Remote Wheels DRW-1 – an additional controller for use with its Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3. The DRW-1 combines digital technology with components inspired by earlier generations of the ARRIHEAD. The heavy, hand polished, precision-engineered crank wheels are the same as were used on the mechanical ARRIHEAD. Bringing a mechanical touch and feel to a digital workflow, they provide operators with maximum control by producing a smooth, linear information stream, and enabling operators to trust their muscle memory.

Mechanical friction can be added in order to make the controls less prone to unintended movement, but more responsive to the individual. The brake lever also pays homage to its counterpart on the ARRIHEAD, mimicking the operation of its mechanical forebear and allowing for optimal, intuitive control.“Everything here is a classic design—after just a minute the operator will feel at home with this,” says Curt Schaller, Product Manager, ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems. “In the end – it’s all about having everything under control.”

The DRW-1’s assignable controls and interchangeable components make it readily adaptable to the working style and habits of the operator. The angle of the wheels is adjustable to allow for use even in tight or constrained places. An additional third wheel can be quickly added to the system. Screw holes of different sizes allow for easy attachment of a wide range of accessories. The DRW-1 can also be mounted on any tripod or stand.

Using the LBUS standard, the wheels are daisy-chainable, and so require a minimum of cabling, and as LBUS cables are widely available they are easily replaceable. The DRW-1 is backed by ARRI’s global network of service centres, and in conjunction with the SRH-3, represents a supremely controllable, adaptable, and cost-efficient remote-head system.