ARRI’s Three New Compact Bridge Plates

As part of its on-going efforts to help speed up configuration changes on set, ARRI is extending its range of Compact Bridge Plates for AMIRA and ALEXA Mini cameras. The Compact Bridge Plate CBP-2 for ALEXA Mini is readily adaptable for use with 15mm studio rods. The CBP-3 (19mm) and CBP-4 (15mm studio) are for use with AMIRAs. These new bridge plates are in addition to the CBP-1 (for ALEXA Mini with 19mm rods) which was released in October 2017.

This range of Compact Bridge Plates are ergonomically designed to be comfortable on the shoulder, sturdy on the dolly, and establish new standards in versatility, with a unique top-mount system which allows the bridge plate to be swiftly attached to industry-standard balance plates. A key feature is a revolutionary double pressure mechanism which allows the camera to be simply lifted off a tripod.

“We’ve been listening carefully to our users,” said Jeanfre Fachon, Product Manager for ARRI Camera Accessories. “And a recurring theme has been a desire to make transitions on set slicker and easier. The Compact Bridge Plates address that issue.” Lightweight 15mm rods can be used natively on the AMIRA Compact Bridge Plates (CBP-3 and CBP-4) and they can be used with the ALEXA Mini Compact Bridge Plates (CBP-1 and CBP-2) using an adapter (15mm LWS adapter for CBP).

The Compact Bridge Plates have already been tested in the field and have received an enthusiastic welcome from crews. “The ability to pop in and out of studio mode is a significant timesaver,” said cinematographer, Logan Schneider.