TICO Alliance Aligns with Broadcast Industry’s Transformation

The TICO Alliance recently displayed multiple technology demos with several members on its booth at IBC2018.

With the upcoming ISO standardisation of TICO as JPEG-XS, the Alliance is growing in line with the broadcast industry’s transition. As visualised in the JT-NM roadmap of networked media open interoperability, by this year’s IBC show a point of maturity has been reached hybrid SDI over IP workflows, and step II. ‘Elementary flows’ is in full progress, a year after the publication of the ST2110 standards.

TICO technology, currently specified as SMPTE RDD35 and under standardisation as JPEG-XS, is in line with the ongoing work on SMPTE’s ST2110 part 22, defining the transport of compressed video over professional media networks to create bandwidth efficient workflows. Already today, the members are able to serve lossless quality and will be able to even bring further compression efficiency in the future – still with only a few microseconds of latency.

Industry-leading vendors and broadcasters will gather at the TICO Alliance booth at IBC 2018 to feature equipment displays and product demonstrations that emphasise TICO’s benefits in SDI, SMPTE ST2022-6 and ST2110 workflows and discuss the ongoing JPEG-XS standardisation. “It is exciting to see all the companies that have embraced the TICO Alliance’s approach to enable broadcasters to use COTS infrastructures,” said Jean-Baptiste Lorent.

As more and more companies deliver TICO interoperable products and broadcasters are increasingly adopting the tool in their workflows, new companies opt for the TICO Alliance. Most recently, the Alliance welcomed Dutch design house Adeas to its growing list of 45+ members. Throughout the whole show Alliance members were on site to discuss their TICO implementations and the technology’s benefits with visitors.

Visit https://www.tico-alliance.org