Technical Direction Company Deploys Calibre Live Event Scalers

Calibre UK has announced that video technology firm, TDC – Technical Direction Company in Sydney, Australia, has taken delivery of 20 Calibre UK LEDView530 live events scalers.

TDC has the largest fleet of projection and LED based technologies in the Australasian market and its diverse customer base relies on TDC’s in-house creativity, technology and expertise.

Michael Hassett, Founder and Managing Director of TDC said: “Increasingly our clients require projection, video and LED technology to immerse, enthrall, engage and inform their audiences. TDCneeds a flexible solution that can work with projection and LED displays and to combine video and computer, live and video feeds.

“We chose Calibre as a single solution due to their durability and scalability. They are the most reliable and tried and tested product on the market and TDC has already deployed Calibre UK in several live events, awards and television productions.”

The Calibre LEDView530 live events scaler features a a flexible range of video I/O, per channel color calibration and live capture of test patterns and backdrop images.

It features three operational modes for optimal use in each key environment including, all of which are utilized by TDC: LED mode for LED video wall scaling; projection mode with warping, geometrycorrection, rotation and edge blending; and, scaling/switching/scan-conversion mode for general display use. The LEDView530 supports screens from 128×196 to 1920×1200 pixels per unit, with innovative and powerful pixel-accurate output window per-edge-based sizing.