Fabbro Smells the Coffee with Digital Signage from ONELAN

Established in Italy in 1999, Fabbro is a multi-service company with three divisions: catering, vending machines, and cleaning and sanitising.

Fabbro wanted to use digital signage in its coffee shops and bars for digital menu boards and for advertising. In particular it wanted to use digital signage to create an added value offering to customers in the vending market. Digisoft Multimedia is responsible for the installation and management of Fabbro’s digital signage.

Twelve Spunto Coffee Shops have ONELAN Net top box (NTB) 650 subscriber players installed to drive 42-inch screens. Digital signage is also installed in seven of its H24 bars, with vandal resistant 32-inch touch-screens in landscape mode, and on thirty automatic vending machines with 17-inch open-frame touch screens.

Fabbro has two ONELAN NTB 6000 publishers at its headquarters to publish both its own and third party advertisers’ content to the ONELAN subscriber players. Fabbro also use a ONELAN Digital Signage Manager (DSM) for the remote monitoring of the Digital Signage network and for the content’s proof of play.

Four Spicco restaurants also have digital menu boards installed. In addition to the menus, ingredient information is being displayed to comply with regulations. Food and drink special promotions are being shown as well as third party advertising.

There are four different master layouts: one for the H24 bars, one for the vending machines and two for the coffee shops (a single screen version and a two screen version).

An instruction manual has been generated to ensure the coffee shop advertising content provided by the creative agencies of Fabbro’s vending suppliers is correct (suppliers are customers of Fabbro’s advertising service).  Fabbro has no fixed policy or schedule for the frequency of content change.

Digisoft Multimedia has trained Fabbro how to manage the creation and the publishing of content channels.

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