AAM Screenwriter Theatre Management System Ready for Barco Series 4 Projectors

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) has announced that Screenwriter, AAM’s Theatre Management System (TMS), is integrated and ready to use with Barco’s new Series 4 portfolio from Cinionic.

Cinionic introduced the first four projector models of Barco’s new Series 4 portfolio at CinemaCon 2019. As the result of years of market research and co-development, they benefit from technological advancements in 4K and RGB-laser, as well as enhanced cooling and image processing. The integrated and silent design makes the new platform ready for all theatre designs, including boothless setups. 

 “AAM is proud to continually add support for new systems and hardware, like Barco’s next generation Series 4 offering, to Screenwriter. As the world’s leading hardware agnostic TMS, Screenwriter allows our customers to take advantage of exciting, new technologies from any supplier,” said Danny Jeremiah, Head of Cinema Products at AAM, “We rigorously test the integrations in partnership with manufacturers, so that our customers benefit from the full features of both their new equipment and their TMS.”

Screenwriter manages millions of screenings per year on over 45,000 cinema screens. It enables staff to schedule features, trailers, and advertisements, monitor screens, and control playback all from one intuitive interface. Any potential content, KDM, and connectivity issues are highlighted so they can be resolved ahead of time and keep screenings on schedule. As well as automating hardware commands and common theatre operations, such as playlist and schedule building, it ensures that the correct content and KDMs are available and ready ahead of playback.

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