GDC Partners for Cinema On-Demand Service with Malaysia’s Golden Screen

GDC Technology Limited (GDC), a leading global provider of digital cinema solutions, announced at the recent CineEurope 2019 that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd. to launch GOGOCINEMA, its Cinema-On-Demand platform.  GoGoCinema is an intuitive and easy-to-use digital platform which is backed by GDC’s Cinema Automation 2.0 (CA2.0) solution.

GSC operates a total of 344 screens across 36 locations in Malaysia and 93 screens across 15 locations in Vietnam (through a partnership with Galaxy Studios). GSC will be launching GoGoCinema at several of its premium flagship sites in Malaysia by the end of 2019. GoGoCinema services would be expanded in 2020 to other locations. With GoGoCinema, GSC will be able to provide its cinema audiences the first of its kind Cinema-On-Demand experience.

How GoGoCinema works

A consumer uses the GoGoCinema App or website to search for a movie he/she wants to watch from a content library with up to 2000 movies of different genres, from current releases to classics to documentaries. Once the movie is selected, they select a theatre, date and time most suitable from number of options available.

Next, they have the option of selecting between either a:

  • crowdsourcing option – public screening which all other movie fans can join the screening created. For this screening to go ahead, a minimum number of tickets have to be booked by a certain cut-off time; or
  • private screening option – where the entire movie hall is booked exclusively for private screening on special occasions such as birthdays, etc. which is usually not easily available.

“GSC has always been in the frontline of the cinema industry, creating enriched cinema experiences for our customers with the latest technology. In this modern age of the Internet, streaming, and films on-demand, we understand that consumers want to be able to watch content on their own terms. This is why, we are proud to launch the GoGoCinema platform, which is a natural next-step in empowering our audiences to select their own movies at a time convenient to them. The partnership between GSC and GDC Technology can create value-added experiences for movie-goers, as well as enable us to create a complete cinema eco-system,” said Ms. Koh Mei Lee, chief executive officer of Golden Screen Cinemas.

“GoGoCinema is reverse-engineering the broadcast approach business model where the consumers can only see what’s currently playing at their favorite theatre,” said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of GDC Technology. “This new approach is modeled after home streaming platforms by letting consumers decide what they want to see, when they want to see it, and where they want to see it, but on the big screen. With all the various online streaming options, the challenge lies in creating a unique experience for audience within the existing eco-system. Any innovation which is created must be able to connect all important stakeholders on the cinema exhibition industry which means it needs to be consumer facing, tech-driven and automated to make it sustainable in the long run.”

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