Volfoni and MediaMation Join Forces at CineAsia 2017

Volfoni Limited recently and MediaMation recently joined forces to showcase the 3D and 4D cinema technology at CineAsia 2017.

The joint MediaMation-Volfoni booth featured a screening room with both companies’ technology on demonstration. The booth included MediaMation’s latest MX4D seating solution, which features pitch, heave, and roll motion, scent, wind, fog, and other special effects. The booth also included Volfoni’s SmartCrystal Diamond 3D system.

“We are thrilled to join with MediaMation and to demonstrate the best-in-class technology for 4D, along with our own 3D technology. MediaMation is an innovator in the marketplace and delivers an unparalleled interactive experience for the audience,” said Thierry Henkinet, Chief Executive Officer of Volfoni. “3D plus 4D equal a perfect combination.”

“Volfoni is a leader in 3D technology, and we are pleased to partner with them for CineAsia 2017. We have worked closely with Volfoni over the past five years to showcase the powerful combination of 3D and 4D technologies together,” said Dan Jamele, Chief Executive Officer of MediaMation. “The result is a fully immersive and interactive experience for the audience.”

Volfoni made this announcement on the opening day of the FilmExpoGroup’s CineAsia 2017 event in Hong Kong, where many of Volfoni’s customers were attending. Volfoni’s senior leadership appeared at the show and met with key customers from around the region.

MediaMation and Volfoni are both members of the Luxin-Rio Group, a provider of turnkey solutions for entertainment equipment with clients spanning the cinema, theme park, amusement and recreation industries.

Visit http://volfoni.com and http://www.mediamation.com


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