Xilica Certified Course Enables Participants to Receive 4 AVIXA CTS RUs

Xilica has set the industry benchmark in world-class, premium, configurable DSP systems since it was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Canada. Harnessing their previous experience in loudspeaker DSP development, the team at Xilica have been able to develop optimised, high-end audio processors that have realised the potential of next generation audio systems.

One aspect of their product offering they’ve become known for is their development in floating-point DSPs for supporting high bit rates.

Xilica Certified is the company’s worldwide, base-level certification for fluency with Xilica systems, part of the Genius learning and education program.

This certification is recognised widely as an entry-level qualification for DSP systems design and configuration, encompassing a range of topics from schematics, document generation and UCI build to third-party control integration. The course takes approximately 4.5 hours to complete, with multiple-choice testing after each of the 19 modules. To successfully receive Xilica Certified status, a learner must obtain a pass rate of 75% across all modules, and complete these modules within three weeks of registration.

Once you’ve completed Xilica Certified, you’ll be eligible for the Xilica Preferred level of exclusive, in-person training, which provides advanced Lua scripting tutorials, integrated control programming and distributed application setups.

Course content includes:

  • Xilica Product Overview: Discover the line dedicated to making your life easy.
  • Top Essentials for DSP Design: Time-tested tips from expert integrators on DSP ‘must-haves’.
  • Xilica Designer, an Overview: Software overview and familiarization session.
  • Network View: How your system lives on the network, and how to configure.
  • Dante View: Basics around utilizing Audinate® Dante™ media networking technology within Designer.
  • Documentation Engine: Generate comprehensive specification resources, plots and a Bill of Materials easily.
  • Building the Functional: Creating functional drawings and schematics for system design.
  • Building the DSP Design: Shortcuts, tips and tricks to make design sessions straightforward.
  • Everything Presets: Cover all preset functionality across the Solaro Series including option types and triggers.
  • XTouch Control Overview: How XTouch screens, apps and software allows for user-intuitive UCI and command.
  • Building an XTouch & XWP Control Interface: 101 on programming XTouch UCIs and configuring XWP networked OLED wall-panel remotes.
  • Scheduling: Begin using the scheduler built-in to the Solaro Series to trigger specific presets and automate your system.
  • Project Controller Basics: Discover how to network various items together for simplistic, user-centric control.
  • Going Online: Take your project from concept to reality in just a few steps, and learn how to do it without delay or issue.
  • Best Practices for Workflow: How you should deliver your design for maximum efficiency now, and in the future.
  • Working with Specialty Modules & Functions: Advanced functionality made easy in your Solaro Series device.
  • GPIO Cards, the Basics: Multi-functional GPIO card overview, with settings and logic commands.
  • Switch 101: Networking for Dante: What your switches need to be Dante capable.
  • Troubleshooting: Who makes the best sounding DSP?


Successful completion of the Xilica Certified course enables participants to receive 4 AVIXA CTS RUs, subject to the AVIXA CTS program terms. This course is currently being evaluated for BICSI Continuing Education Credits.


If you have received your Xilica Certified status, you may login to Genius Learning and download your certificate. Alternatively, await a printed certificate in the mail alongside your Xilica Certified welcome pack. You may also use a downloadable email icon to promote your new status in business communication.

To register, click here and enter the code “LVL1” in the ‘Code’ field.

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