New Wireless Beltpack for Intercom from AEQ

XPLORER is a wireless intercom terminal based on 5GHz Wi-Fi technology. It can be part of a system based upon an intercom matrix, or as a terminal for a Party-Line system without the need for a central matrix.

5GHz WiFi connectivity simplifies installation, start-up and maintenance of the XPLORER system as the wireless technology following the worldwide standards for implementation. It even allows the use of existing wireless networks to be used to service these terminals. 5GHz Wi-Fi systems with managed access points, can support many hundreds of simultaneous conversations, and develop the “roaming” function that prevents communication cuts when user moves inside a complex network of access points.

XPLORER is equipped with a user interface with four operation keys (and four pages associated, so in total can communicate up to 16 different destinations), in addition to the mute and menu keys. This new belt-pack includes a big colour TFT multifunction screen where for example the keys are labelled and each partner’s level is displayed, user also can check the charge level for the battery and the WiFi signal are represented. XPLORER can be supplied with open or closed, mono or binaural headset.

XPLORER has a recording playback function for the last 30 seconds corresponding to the last call or communication to the terminal.

The belt-pack can work as a client for AEQ Crossnet and Conexia Intercom matrices. XPLORER can also work in Party-Line mode, as a terminal for the Kroma E@synet system, with four channels and up to 28 devices.

The belt-pack has dual volume control to give direct access to the level adjustment of the main interlocutor, differentiating it from the rest. XPLORER dimensions and weight are reduced, it is bump and splash protected, it can be attached to a belt, or to a shoulder strap. Its antenna is internal, of great gain. The internal battery of this new AEQ belt-pack provides more than 20 hours of uninterrupted operation in normal use. This is more than enough for an intense working day, and the terminal is recharged in a multi-charge base with quick docking charge connection.

New XPLORER is a reliable, flexible, comfortable and robust wireless belt-pack system to complement all types of intercom systems both in television production and in other professional and industrial environments.